F24 was originally intended to mean 24 frames per second, but it turned out to have a second, more appropriate, meaning - film 24 hours daily. This pretty much reflects the company’s philosophy.

The production company is based in Munich, Germany and was founded by the director, writer and cinematographer Jens Hoffmann in 2000.

F24 has grown into a recognized, independent company with numerous, successful sport and corporate movies as well as several commercials.

Since 2002, F24 started focusing primarily on documentaries produced worldwide.  Filmed mostly on 35mm and Super-16mm, it had the mission to create documentaries that deliver authentic portraits, while exploring difficult or problematic themes.

Many of the corporate movies and commercials have received multiple awards and all of the documentaries have been screened at international film festivals, collecting more important awards and honors.

With the revolution of digital technology, F24 began combining 35mm, Super-16mm and HD with successful results. Fatima’s Hand was the first project to mix celluloid and high definition video format, resulting in an HDCAM SR master and a 35mm print. The following documentaries, 20 Seconds of Joy, and the latest project, 9to5 – Days in Porn also combined the same formats.

F24 retains its passion for producing on celluloid, but it is always open to experiencing new formats and is constantly pursuing new challenges.


At the beginning of 2010, F24 Film bought an ARRI Alexa. Since then it has been the main camera used on many international projects.