September 2014

Jens Hoffmann is this month working as a DoP/ Cameraman for the new Moovel viral

campaign. The shootings are taking place in Los Angeles.



April 2014

 "MATA MATA" I "Do or Die" I "K.o. Runde"

The verb "Matar" in Portuguese means to kill. "Mata Mata" is the term used in Brazil for the expression "Knockout match"; "All or Nothing"; "Do or Die". It is a "Win-or-go-Home" battle and also a metaphor for life.


Visit the Website from "Mata Mata"





Dezember 2013

Time flies!!! 2013 is almost coming to an end and we have travelled around the globe filming our new project. Now we are fully concentrade on the post-production!!


Below the link to the trailer:






April 2013

Another great working month. From Munich to the Argentinean Pampas, to Sao Paulo

to Rio de Janeiro. We are working fiercely and passionately on the pre-production of "MATA MATA"

and extremely happy to have the support of FFF Bayern (Bavaria Film Funding) as well as the

biggest TV channel in German ARD/ SWR.


We are also looking forward to a great cooperation to our world distributor

Red Arrow International.



March 2013

Jens Hoffmann and his team is filming the skiing action scenes for the fictional British TV Series

about the writer Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond 007 on  the snowy Austrian mountains.

A co-production between BBC America and Sky Atlantic.



February 2013

We are working intensely on the pre-production of our project "Mata Mata" and very happy

with the kind support from Lufthansa and the Munich Airport.


Get some impression on MATA MATA:  http://matamata-film.com/


Follow the project also on:



January 2013

F24 wishes you a wonderful New Year!

2013 has just started and Jens Hoffmann together with his crew are already on the way

to shoot on the snowy mountains of St. Moritz, Switzerland.



November 2012

On the way to Soccerex Global Convention, which is taking place in Rio de Janeiro from

the 24th till the 28th of November. It will be all about football.



October 2012

Cleo is attending the FilmCup event between 24. - 27.10.2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

An event to promote the film co-productions between Germany and Brazil, having the

most important head of financing funds from both countries.



September 2012 

Filming a corporate movie for Siemens in Heidelberg, a city in the south-west part of Germany.

Post-production will start soon.



August 2012

From June till the end of July the crew were back in Brazil . From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

to Salvador to Minas Gerais and so on...  driving thousand and thousand kilometers through Brazil.



April 2012

3D movie on more than 2.100 meters above sea-level

Filming a 3D movie in the ski resort of St. Moritz, Switzerland. Another successful challenge,

to film a winter and action movie in the spring time.  The shootings will continue in the winter season! 



28th December 2011

CBF I Brazilian Football Confederation

The filmmakers Jens Hoffmann and Cleo Comino have just came back from Brazil.

Besides doing the pre-production for their next project, they were also invited to shoot the first

commercial of the CBF's new campaign CBF. Taking care of our passion

To see the CBF commercial, just click on the link below:




15th October 2011

F24 Film is on a development stage of a new documentary: Football (soccer) and its all facets.


Jens Hoffmann‘s passion for football and real human stories led him to his new project.


The German director and cameraman together with the Brazilian producer Cleo Comino

are travelling around Brazil developing the new project, which has been supported

by FFF (FilmFernsehFonds) Bayern.




20th September 2011
F24 films is turning to classics

9to5 Days in Porn
When director Jens Hoffmann and executive producer Cleo Comino met Sasha Grey, she had turned

18 and 9to5 was her first mainstream feature documentary film. Five years later, Sasha became

a pop culture icon. Starring in the main role in Steven Soderbergh‘s film „The Girlfriend Experience

and taking part in Eminem‘s music video were some of the young lady‘s achievements.

At the end of the month Sasha and Jens will be taking part in the Festival Bodies of Babel,

organized by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, in Frankfurt.

7pm: Sasha Grey is presenting her picture book „Neü Sex“
8pm: Screening of „9to5 Days in Porn“

8pm: Podium discussion with Sasha, Jens, Peaches, Diedrich Diederichsen, etc.

20 Seconds of Joy
National Geographic will be doing a special about „Extreme Adventures“ from the

BANFF Mountain Film Festival. „20 Seconds of Joy“ will be part of the special.



15th August 2011

Since last April we have an ALEXA - and now it's pimped with sound too!


In recent years, the advancement of digital video has seen many forsake their film cameras.


But unkeen to jump on this bandwagon was Jens Hoffmann, who much prefered sticking to

cellulloid instead, because of its characteristics and aesthetics.


Until the revelation of the ARRI ALEXA.


Jens has since changed his mind. And in due course, F24 is now the proud owner of one.

Following this acquisition, on which the film "Festival of Friendship" was shot, our Alex

is now even capable of something more: Sound! As the first one in Germany that is able to record audio.



6th July 2011

And the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics is...


German President Christian Wulff and footballing legend Franz Beckenbauer were at the final

presentation in Durban, South Africa, to give one last push for Munich.


Even our own little wonder Stella Pepper, the film's lead came onto stage as a surprise guest.


In the end, it was a sad affair that Munich failed to win the hostship for the 2018 Winter Olympics.


We remain proud to have been part of this memorable bid and extend our thanks to all of you who

helped in making this film possible.



 25th June 2011



The members of Munich 2018 Bid Committee has left to Durban taking with them the main and

most importante film titled "THE FESTIVAL OF FRIENDSHIP".


It was scripted and directed by Jens Hoffmann and we are very proud to contribute to MUNICH 2018!


Due to so much work we have not been able to update our Website. It will be updated in the next days.



14th June 2011

Back in Europe and on the way for the next film shooting in the sand dunes of Fuerteventura.



18th May 2011

The crew is heading to Pharping, a village situated in Southern Region of Kathmandu (Nepal)

 More about the filming will be posted very soon.



10th May 2011

On the way to S-Chanf (Switzerland), where we will be filming.



6th April 2011

AUDI A1 meets Brussels

From the 6th to the 9th of April the F24 crew willl be shooting in Brussels, Belgium



9th February 2011

Jens Hoffmann has just came back from London, where he attended the U.K.

Premiere of the Hollywood romantic comedy  "Chalet Girl" (German title: "Powder Girl") as part of the crew. 900 guests joined the first screening of the movie and loads of screaming fans were waiting for Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones to walk the red carpet at the Westfield in London.


We are very proud of Jens' work at Chalet Girl.




From the 11th till the 17th of February Cleo and Jens will be attending the Berlinale.



10th January 2011

The hollywood comedy "The Chalet Girl" will be starting at the cinemas worldwide next month.


Joe Geary, 1st AD of the movie, has been asked on an interview about his favourite crew member:

"Favourite crew member has to be Jens Hoffmann. What an amazing cameraman. Built like a

brick shit house! Operating a 35mm camera on ski’s, going backwards…… I say no more!!"




24th December 2010

F24 Film has just finished to shoot the new corporate identity trailers for the TV Channel "13th Street".

INDEPENDENT SHOTS AND SHOCKBUSTER. Shot on ARRI ALEXA. The post-production will take

place in January 2011.

Agency: DMC Group




24th October 2010

Olympic Games in Munich 2018 – The Festival Of Friendship

Last Thursday (21. October) Munich presented itself officially in front of the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Acapulco, Mexico, as one of three official applicant cities to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. An important part of the very well received and stunning presentation was the official movie, „Welcome to Munich“ that takes the claim of the Munich games – ‚The festival Of Friendship’ as the core of the film‘s message.
It deliveres a highly emotional but also very authentic face of Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Königssee as well as the people, who are welcoming the Olympic family with open hearts.




20th October 2010

Count Down to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2011

Back in 2006 F24 supported and produced the official movie for the bid to the FIS  Alpine World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Now we are even prouder that finally the time is coming quickly to welcome the world's best skiracers to the hometown of Maria Riesch and Felix Neureuther for the highlight of the wintersport season 2010 / 2011. Less than 4 months from now, in  February 2011, the skiing elite will gather in Oberbayern for the World Championships supported by F24 Film.



1st May 2010



JENS HOFFMANN has just finished to work as a 2nd Unit Camera/ Directing on the new hollywood comedy, CHALET GIRL, directed by Phil Traill starring Brooke Shields; Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean, Valkyrie, Pirate Radio); Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl); Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill); Tamsin Egerton (Eragon); Felicity Jones (The Diary of Anne Frank); etc.


The movie has been produced by Cross Day Production (U.K.), Kaleidoscope Films (U.K.), Neue Bioskope Film (Germany), Novotny & Novotny Film (Austria).




19th February 2010

Munich in the running to host the "2018 Olympic Winter Games" and F24 could not be out! The bid film produced by F24 has been showing now at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.




9th October 2009
If you haven't had the chance and missed 9to5 in the German theatres or if you want to see more and enjoy a lot of extra material, please follow this link and be one of the first to purchase the DVD!

After playing over three months at German cinemas - Berlin is still playing, Hannover started yesterday -  and the extraordinary media response, finally the DVD release is scheduled for the 27th of November. The DVD will contain a lot of extras including deleted scenes and unpublished footage as well as a 'Question & Answer' discussion from the Helsinki International Filmfestival 'Love & Anarchy', which we joined 3 weeks ago.



Director Jens Hoffmann has been invited to take part as a guest speaker in the panel discussion at the

"Literarischer Salon" Literay Salon, Leibniz University of Hannover.

It will take place on Monday, 12. October  at 8pm.

Local: Conti-Hochhaus, 14. Etage

Leibniz Universität, Königsworther Platz 1, Hannover.




15th September 2009

9to5 at Helsinki International Film Festival




5th July 2009

9to5 Days in Porn playing at following German cinemas:


Central KINO (Rosenthaler Str. 39, Berlin-Mitte)
Moviemento KINO (Kottbusser Damm, 22, Berlin-Kreuzberg)


Abaton-Kino (im Grindelhof, Allendeplatz 3)


Monopol Kino (Feilitzschstr. 7)


Filmpalette Kino (Lübecker Str. 15)


Metropolis KINO ( Am Brauhaus 8)

Filmladen (Goethestr. 31/ Ecke Querallee)

Harmonie Kino (Grünwälderstr. 16-18)

Meisengeige (Am Laufer Schlagturm 3)

Endstation (Bahnhof-Langendreer e.V)


Das Cinema (Warendorfer Straße 45-47)

LEIPZIG (Kinobar Prager Frühling)



25th of May 2009

We are happy to announce that director and cameraman, Jens Hoffmann has been nominated for the German Camera Award 2009 for his work in the film 9to5 – DAYS IN PORN.

For over 25 years, the German Camera Award has determined the standard for camera work and editing in Germany.

Jens Hoffmann’s documentary about the everyday lives of people who work in the American adult entertainment industry was up against 420 other productions and found itself nominated with just three other films in the Documentary category.

The German Camera Prize will be awarded on the 21st of June in Cologne.

9to5 – DAYS IN PORN distributed in Germany by Zorro Film comes out July 2nd in German cinemas.



16th of March 2009

Miami International Film Festival

(Another great and important festival and the tickets to "9to5"  were again completely sold-out)


MIFF- Most screenings were respectably full,but the only film that created "around the corner"
lines was Jens Hoffmann's 9 to 5: Days in Porn.
- Miami New Times -

Miami Beach, FL (CNS) - Jens Hoffmann's film has been one of the most talked about
in the Miami International Film Festival.


Check out these articles:







28th of January 2009
"9to5" on the road and "20 Seconds" online.

20 Seconds website is online now: www.20secondsofjoy.com .  And as we have been receiving so many requests daily regarding the release of the DVD - you can currently pre-order it on the website as well. It will be a double release, including "20 Seconds of Joy" and "Fatima's Hand".


"9to5" is taking successfully part of major international film  festivals and will have its first official release in Canada. Please follow the news on www.9to5-themovie.com


Jens Hoffmann is keeping himself quite  busy between attending film festivals worldwide and working on new projects.



29th of November 2008
New Website!
Finally, a year after the release of the movie, '20 Seconds of Joy' has its own website. The trailer is already online and the final site will be launched within the next two weeks.
There will be news about the movie, Karina, the much requested DVD and much more ...




15th November 2008
'9to5 - Days in Porn' screened at the prestigious film festival in Rio de Janeiro and another in London last month to sold out theatres. More details about all festival news can be found on the blog at www.9to5-themovie.com


Director, Jens Hoffmann, also received another great honor by claiming an award for the third year in a row at the oldest and most important mountain and adventure film festival worldwide. 'Journey to the Center', produced by Ground Impact Inc. in Los Angeles, was awarded 'Best Documentary On Mountain Sports' at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada.

Also, last week, '20 Seconds of Joy' received the "Mention d'honneur"  at the 26th Milano International FICTS Festival. The film's own website is under construction and will be up soon.  




14th September 2008

We receive many emails daily from around the world from people who had the chance to watch '20 Seconds of Joy'. This means a lot to us. It has been almost a year since the movie had its world premiere in Banff. From there, it went to some of the biggest international documentary festivals as well as non-documentary film festivals in the world.


Karina Hollekim, the protagonist of the film, was actually present when '20 Seconds of Joy' was screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival two weeks ago. Not a single place on the stairs was left for viewers at the packed theatre. More importantly, though, is Karina's personal situation after the accident in 2006. Since then, she has continued to fight courageously to walk normally again. If you would like to know a bit more about her story, please go to: www.karinahollekim.com




8th September 2008


The Premiere of  “9to5 – Days in Porn” at the Montreal World Film Festival was the first at an A-Festival (one of the 12 A-Festivals in the world). Due to the successful screenings and the high public demand, the documentary was scheduled as one of the very few movies to be screened again at the last night of the festival. More news and details to the next presentations at  the celebrated International Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro and Raindance in London at the 9to5 Website.

The extra screening took place at Quartier Latin 9 on September 1st at 9:40pm.



19th August 2008

From the 29th of July to the 10th of August, the F24 team was doing research and pre-shooting for a new project in Cambodia.




18th August 2008
20 Seconds of Joy has been invited to a special screening at the Sarajevo Film Festival. The screening will take place on the 23rd of August 2008.



15th August 2008
9to5 – Days in Porn
will have its premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival, which takes place from the 21st of August to the 1st of September. The screening schedule will be as follows:

August 23, 2008 • 21:40 • CIN…MA QUARTIER LATIN 16 • L16.23.6 •
August 24, 2008 • 12:20 • CIN…MA QUARTIER LATIN 10 • L10.24.2 •
August 25, 2008 • 12:20 • CIN…MA QUARTIER LATIN 16 • L16.25.2 •
August 26, 2008 • 14:40 • CIN…MA QUARTIER LATIN 16 • L16.26.3 •


1st August 2008
The new documentary from Jens Hoffmann was completed in July 2008.
Told in episodes, the documentary 9to5 – Days in Porn depicts the stories, the aims and the dreams of 10 extremely different people who are connected by their jobs in the adult entertainment sector – a business bigger than the music industry.
For more information about the movie, please go to: ttp://www.9to5-themovie.com 


22nd March 2008
20 Seconds of Joy has so far achieved its greatest success with its invitation to North America’s largest documentary film festival, Hot Docs. The film, chosen from among thousands as an “Official Selection”, will be screened twice at the festival in Toronto and will be automatically entered for competition.




4th February 2008
Journey to the Center, in which Jens Hoffmann took over as director, was produced in cooperation with Los Angeles-based, Ground Impact Production. It was awarded "Best Adventure Movie" at the X-Dance Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah.



30th December 2007
2007 was a busy but successful year for the F24 Team. The documentary, 20 Seconds of Joy, was finally completed in October and had its premiere the following month at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada where it received two awards: “Best Film on Mountain” and “People’s Choice Award”. Receiving an audience award was a special honor but even more gratifying was knowing that the film which placed second in the same category was Sean Penn’s, Into the Wild.

10th September 2007
Fatima’s Hand
happened more than a year ago. Since then, the short documentary has won 14 awards and we still receive e-mails from fans and film festivals everyday. We hope that Fatima’s Hand will be available together with the new film, 20 Seconds of Joy, on one DVD in 2008.