JENS HOFFMANN              

The German filmmaker began accumulating his film experience in the early 90s. Indeed, his first project was a documentary, capturing his own activities as a freeskier on a 16mm camera. Though he wanted to develop his skills as a cameraman, his career started in the narrative direction.

After some years in television, his ultimate transfer was marked by his work on an international IMAX project in 1998.

In 2000, he started his own production company, F24 Film. Jens writes, directs and does the principal camerawork for the commercials, corporate movies and feature-length documentaries. More recently, due to his passion for storytelling, documentaries have become the focus of his work and all of his recent movies have received international awards.

His 2006 film, Fatima’s Hand, about a perilous BASE-jump in the Mali desert has received 14 awards from various international film festivals. His other documentaries include: Journey to the Center - shot in China, produced in Munich and Los Angeles; and the long-term project, 20 Seconds of Joy, which had its premiere at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, winning Best Documentary on Mountain Sport as well as the Audience Award. It has also been officially selected at HotDocs, the biggest documentary film festival in North America and has been invited to take part in several international film festivals around the globe.

For the film, 9to5 – Days in Porn, the director spent a number of years filming in the San Fernando Valley - the epicenter of the adult entertainment industry – as well as in Czech Republic, Germany and France. Through his time of filming, he was able to portray several characters, creating an authentic and insightful view into their lives.


Jens Hoffmann has been nominated for the German Camera Award 2009 for his work in the film 9to5 – DAYS IN PORN.


For over 25 years, the German Camera Award has determined the standard for camera work and editing in Germany.

Jens Hoffmann’s documentary was up against 420 other productions and found itself nominated with just three other films in the Documentary category.